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  • debajo#01 · Low End Activist

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    Low End Activist, don of the reference labels Sneaker Social Club and Hypercolour comes to Seville for the first time with his eclectic background of UK bass, jungle and grime. Although English he lives in Berlin, where for 5 years he has regularly organized the Sneaker Social Club parties at OHM with Applebim. He has produced tracks for some of the more interesting grime MCs on the scene, such as Flowdan, Killa P, MEZ, Razor, Cadence Weapon or Emz and has been remixed by producers such as Scratcha DVA, Logos, Trends, Silas, Al Wootton, Aya, Loraine James or Low Jack. Last year he released his first album, Hostile Utopia, according to mixmag one of the best albums of 2022, and recently he has produced a couple of little gems, Dry Chat Wet Rag (on Sneaker) and Gossip Is The Devil’s Radio (on ESP Institute), listed on Bandcamp Dailiy among the best releases of 2023 to date. His sound is characterized by rough and dirty atmospheres, heavy bass and syncopated broken rhythms from 2-step and jungle.

    + more: Interview to Low End Activist in mixmag

    He will be accompanied by Voisson and Broken Toy, references of the Sevillian underground electronic scene and promoters of two of the best parties in the city, Corrosive and GhettoSwarm, and R4D1K4L, coming from Corralón Records in los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz), a label of rural hiphop based in LaFábrika detodalavida, one of the most interesting alternative cultural centers in Spain.

    The event will be held at Prisma, undoubtedly one of the best electronic music clubs in the city due to the quality of its atmosphere, the quality of its sound and its devotion to underground culture (for location see the map below).

    This is the first event of debajo (‘underneath’, ‘bass-made’), an initiative to promote expressions of underground culture in the city of Seville.

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